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Talk of the Town

"Talk of the Town" is an hour long magazine format program. The once a month program includes multiple segments each month all focusing on unique topics and events that are the "Talk of the Town". The show is geared toward women but has attracted a larger audience due to the diverse topics and chemistry between co-hosts Kim Bell and Marie Johns. Kim and Marie want to make every show an enjoyable event for their audience, so their goal is to have fun and share laughter during every episode. They also give away plenty of goodies every month through their facebook page (

"Talk of the Town" takes on a wide variety of subjects from fashion and fitness to hot air balloons, race car driving and even training alpacas. "Talk of the Town" also finds the stories people are talking about - from health care issues like organ donation to preparing unique and healthy food options. Both Kim and Marie will try just about anything so every month they take part in a "Get Moving" segment. They have joined the latest fitness classes and even tried harness tree climbing and kayaking. Viewers regularly interact with the hosts on their facebook page saying they love Kim and Marie’s adventures and the hidden treasures they find in the viewing area.