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Behind the Headlines

This 30 minute television program provides insights into current events affecting Pennsylvanians, such as the economy, health care, taxes, the environment, schools, and how taxpayer money is being spent.

Behind the Headlines also includes helpful features on a variety of issues, such as parenting tips, raising teens, and being a better citizen. Analysis is provided on current events, on alternative courses of action that could have been pursued with their consequences, and what future government actions will be most likely.

Whereas other public policy programs in Pennsylvania focus more on perspectives from political party and interest group spokesmen, Behind the Headlines instead relies on analysis from policy experts, rank and file members of the Pennsylvania public, and carefully selected government leaders closest to the topic being examined. Past guests have included Congressmen, State Senators, State Representatives, members of the Governor's Cabinet and officials from various civic organizations. The program content is geared less for political insiders and oriented more toward the average, hard working Pennsylvanian.

Behind the Headlines is taped in Harrisburg and is a production of the Susquehanna Valley Center for Public Policy, a non-partisan, non profit public policy research organization based in Hershey. Charlie Greenawalt, Senior Fellow for the Center, Professor of Government at Millersville University, and political analyst on WHP TV in Harrisburg, is the program host. Co-hosting the program is Matthew Brouillette, president of The Commonwealth Foundation.